Extensive experience in drafting and shepherding legislation, writing, negotiating agreements, testifying before committees and tribunals, legal and legislative research, public speaking, media relations and interviews, guest appearances, presentations, panel discussions and direct advocacy. Have developed close personal and professional working relationships with members of both political parties and across a wide array of ideologies. Membership stewardship and strategic planning experience. 

 Specific Areas of Interest 

•Legal opinions 
•Strategic policy planning 
•Legal and legislative research 
•Legislation monitoring 
•Draft of legislation 
•Direct lobbying/advocacy 
•Writing testimony and appearing before committees 
•Coalition building
•Professional licensing issues 
•Administrative Procedures Act cases 
•Representation before regulatory agencies
•Association representation 
•Political analysis and PAC activity 
•Media relations 
•Public speaking 

Subject Area Experience & Interests 

•Tort Reform 
•Civil Justice reform 
•Education/school finance 
•Human resources 
•Workers Compensation 
•Administrative Procedures Act
•Constitutional law 
•Criminal Justice •Courts 
•Budget reform 
•Legislative procedure 
•Health care law 
•Government regulation 
•Wireless Communications